Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of FAQ’s regarding wedding car bookings, quotations, pricing, vehicles and services. Please note this list is for information purposes only and briefly answers some frequently asked questions. You should refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Quotations, Pricing & Service Expectations FAQ’s

How do I get a quote?

Please click here and complete the online form to receive an instant wedding car quote by email.

How do you work out your pricing?

We understand that every wedding is different, so the price in our quotation is based on your unique set of requirements.  It is automatically calculated based on your wedding date, the day of the week, the time of the year, the distance the car will travel, the length of time you require the car and the model of car you require.

Do you do discounts for weekday / out of season bookings?

The price we quote will take this in to account and will automatically apply discounts.  The majority of cars advertised will be cheaper during the week and out of season (October to March).

Is there a minimum length of time you charge for?

All weddings are unique however, typically the wedding the car & driver will be on-site for 3 to 4 hours, from time time the car arrives to collect to the time we leave.  Our minimum hire period during the wedding season (April to September) is 3 hours, however we may consider shorter periods for a lesser value during the off season.

What does the wedding car service include?

The service includes one or two chauffeur driven trips from your collection point to the ceremony and a trip to the reception venue.  We can do more trips however these will need to be included in the quote as they may incur an additional charge. Please see our Wedding Car Booking Tips section to make sure your wedding day plans run as smoothly as possible.

As standard the car will be dressed in white/ivory ribbon and bows, depending on the colour of the car.

Glasses of bubbly may be served for you to toast and celebrate your wedding on the way to the reception.  This is subject to driver discretion as there are circumstances where this service wouldn’t be offered e.g. where local council by-laws do no not permit, when the reception venue is only a few mins drive away, where there is no onward journey from the ceremony venue.

Booking Process FAQ’s

I want to book what do I need to do?

Great, you’ve picked the car of your dreams, received our instant quote and you want to proceed.  Your next step is to complete our online wedding car booking form.  All we require is your contact information, collection address, ceremony time & venue address and the reception address.  We’ll do the rest!

How much deposit do I need and how to I pay?

The car is booked once you receive a booking confirmation from us, you then need to pay 25% deposit within 7 days.  Failure do so will result in the booking being cancelled so we can open the date make up for other customers.  The easiest way to pay is by bank transfer, the details of how to do this can be found on the booking confirmation.  You can choose to pay by debit or credit, however there is a small 2% charge for this to cover our costs in processing transaction.

Pre-Wedding Communication FAQ’s

I’ve booked! What happens now?

Once you have received your booking confirmation the car/s is reserved, no one else can receive a quote or book the car.  You should check the itinerary we have planned for you based on the details you have provided on the booking form.  Once you’re happy with the plan please make the deposit payment asap.

You’ll receive a receipt every time you make a payment, showing the amount you have paid and if any balance is due and when.

A few days late you’ll receive the contact details for the ‘booking manager’ who will be your point of contact going forward.  Feel free to call them using the contact details provided on the ‘Your Booking Manager’ email.

60 days before the wedding your balance is due, you’ll receive an email to remind you containing the details of how to pay.

How do I check the itinerary you have planned and account balance?

You can find the itinerary information on the link found in the original booking confirmation email.  You will able able to check the specific car you have booked, the locations and timings.  From this age you can also check your account balance and make an online payment using a debit or credit card.

My plans have changed, how do I inform you?

All amendments to the booking must be communicated in writing to us.  Please email the booking manager and explain what changes need to be made, please note that changes to the itinerary may result in a price increase.

Wedding Day FAQ’s

When will the driver arrive to collect me?

The driver will plan to arrive to the first collection point 15mins prior to the departure time on the itinerary.  This is a buffer in case there are some unexpected traffic problems on-route to you.  You can add more buffer time if you feel that this isn’t enough, this maybe because the distance to the ceremony venue may be particularly long or that traffic congestion is notoriously bad in the local area.  Extra time will cost more unless you are able to reduce the time you require us for at the end of the itinerary.  Usually this is only a nominal amount, the additional hourly charge is only £25 on most vehicles.

What if its raining, does the car come with an umbrella?

All cars carry at least one umbrella for your convenience, this is available for you to use but must be returned to the driver.  If required the driver can hold the umbrella you, they are there to help.

The car has a retractible roof, when does the driver put it down?

Some of the cars available to book have a retractible roof, If you would like it to be taken down then please ask the driver and he will be more than happy to do this for you.  Under usual circumstances we wouldn’t drive with the roof down as it will be extremely blowy/windy in the back which will be unpleasant and mess your hair.  Many of the roofs take 5 or so minutes to take take down and the same to put back up, so as not to delay your plans the driver will not automatically do it and you should ask for it.  Taking the roof down is usually reserved for photo opportunities at the reception venue.

When will the wedding car leave us?

You will have hired the car & driver for a set amount of time, this is detailed on the itinerary.  Under usual circumstances we will have planned enough time for you to have around 15 mins with the car once you arrive at the reception venue, this is usually plenty of time for photographs to be taken of you arriving in style and more of you in and around the car.  We won’t dash off and leave you, however the drivers time is limited so we ask that you ask your photographer to ensure that photos with the car are prioritised.

I’m worried the car isn’t going to turn up, what happens if there is an emergency?

It’s natural to be worried, but it is very rare that things go wrong.  You will have the contact details of your booking manager and they should be your first point of call if you think there is an issue.  As previously explained, there is buffer built in to the itinerary and the driver has planned to reach your collection point 15 mins prior to the departure time.  Call them if you have any concerns.  As time is of the essence don’t wait until the driver is late before making contact.  Either your booking manager or chauffeur will inform you of any incident that will affect your itinerary as soon as logistically possible.

If the car you have booked runs in to difficulty we may send you an alternative car, as like for like as possible, as per our terms and conditions. We have a large fleet, and work with a network of wedding car suppliers which we can call upon in an emergency.  Please bear in mind that is limited as to what service can be provided if an incident occurs on the job.

Thankfully, issues are very rare, however it is worth bearing in mind that you may be booking a traditional wedding car that could be up to 70 years old and mechanics can fail no matter how well they have been maintained.  Our advice is to ensure you read and follow our ‘Stress free wedding day guide‘ to ensure that no matter what happens you have a plan and a backup in place.