Wedding day tips for a stress free day


You want your wedding day to be as stress free as possible.To prevent the panic, you need to prepare and plan in case something goes wrong and you need to sort it out.  The following list is a guide to help you be prepared for your wedding car hire and ensure you’ve done everything you can to ensure the smooth running of the wedding day.

  1. Ensure that the car you have ordered can carry the number of people you need to transport.  Some cars are smaller than a standard car, so don’t be caught out and make sure you know the cars seating capacity.  It is against the law to carry more people than the car is designed for.
  2. If you are expecting to transport babies or children using the wedding car, then ensure you have checked that the car has the necessary seating and safety belts. Unlike Taxis, wedding cars are not exempt from standard road traffic laws.  The drivers will not allow children to travel illegally.
  3. If you require a stop for photos before your onward trip to the reception venue, ensure that this has been accounted for in the timings on the itinerary.
  4. Ensure you have checked your itinerary and that you are happy with the timings.
  5. Travel the route yourself and inform the wedding car provider if there is anything you think they should be aware of.
  6. Check if there are any events happening in the local area on your wedding day and if they will impact the journey in any way.
  7. Speak to the ceremony & reception venues and find out where the car can pull up outside to let you out.  Try to arrange for a car space to be left clear out side the church.
  8. Ensure that parking and entry permits are in place for venues that require them.
  9. Make sure that you are contactable on the phone number you have provided, it is best practice to provide a mobile phone number and a land line number,
  10. Have the wedding car hire company contact details to hand.
  11. Most important – Make sure you have a ‘Plan B’. In the unfortunate and highly unlikely event that wedding car develops a problem (either on route to you or to one of the venues) you should have someone you can call to collect you.  Time is of the essence and we will be limited in the help we can provide you, so having a friend, neighbour, groomsmen or whoever to act as a back up will take the stress out of the situation and enable you to get moving asap.