Asian Weddings

Asian Wedding Cars

Weddings are one of the most universal rituals celebrated where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Due to the diversity of culture there is so much variety in the wedding ceremony of the Asian people and their weddings are one of the most sensational and fabulous as well.

Customs varies from one society to another whereas similarities are also observed. The most common thing is the use of wedding cars. It is one of the essential parts of a wedding ceremony. Not only the Asians seek to get the most exclusive and luxurious car for their wedding but so is watched throughout the globe.

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Perfect Asian Wedding Cars


Chinese Wedding Cars

In a traditional Chinese marriage a band of musicians with gongs and double-reed instruments accompanies the bridal parade to the groom’s home. Similar music is also played at the wedding banquet. Depending on the region from which the bride hails, Chinese weddings will have different traditions such as the Tea Ceremony or the use of a wedding emcee. The wedding gown for a bride is usually bright red, a colour that symbolises luck. Her dress is usually covered with peonies, phoenixes, and chrysanthemums all embroidered in gold as these represent good fortune. During both the ceremony and reception you’ll hear quite a number of firecrackers. They’re used to scare the evil spirits away.


Indian Wedding Cars

In India it is quite common that during the traditional wedding days, there would be a Tilak ceremony, a ceremony for adorning the bride’s hand and feet with henna accompanied by Ladies’ Sangeet (music and dance) and many other pre-wedding ceremonies. In certain regions, on the day of the wedding proper, the Bridegroom, his friends and relatives come singing and dancing to the wedding site in a procession called Baraat, and then the religious rituals take place to solemnise the wedding, according to the religion of the couple.


Philippine Wedding Cars

Filipino wedding traditions, like so many others, have evolved over the past few centuries. Originally, the groom would throw a spear towards the front steps of the home in which his intended lived as a sign that she was taken. The wedding, which lasted three days, would consist of daily ceremonies until the third day, during which the couple would declare their love and be officially married.