Wedding Car Hire Prices

At The Yorkshire wedding car company we use a unique instant quotation system that calculates a quote for you based your own set of unique requirements.  The cost to hire a wedding car will vary from wedding to wedding as there are many factors that need to be taken in to consideration, e.g. type of car, time of the year, day of the week, length of time needed and distance from required to travel on the day.

You can get an instant quote by clicking here to visit the wedding car quote page.

To give you a rough idea, with us, the newer the car the lower the cost of hire.  This is because our modern wedding car fleet are more efficient and economical to run with very few maintenance costs.  Typically a modern luxury car would cost around £200 to £300, depending on the factors listed above.  This type of car would suit couples on a small budget looking for cheap wedding car hire, or those who require additional transportation for their groomsmen or bridal party.

Our popular classic cars would generally hire for around £275 to £375.  Examples of wedding cars that fit in to this mid-range would be our Rolls Royce Silver Shadows, Daimler’s or Austin Princesses.

The prestige wedding cars cost between between £375 and £550.  In this price bracket you will find top-end vintage Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s.  These cars are top quality rare examples that have been maintained to the highest of standards.

We have something for everyone in our large wedding car fleet.  Which ever car you choose to transport you for your special day, you can be confident that The Yorkshire wedding car company Ltd will provide a quality service and won’t let you down.